Our Customers
Fenner power transmission products are world renowned for delivering the ultimate combination of rugged construction, reliable and efficient performance and value for money - proven in the harshest environments. 
Fenner’s worldwide commitment to quality is a guarantee that wherever the project or customer  is located, the Fenner products supplied will always meet the most exacting standards.
“Fenner is a reputable brand in the industry & has proven time & again to be a trusted product. This gives us the confidence to recommend Fenner products for heavy-duty industries such as abattoirs. The beauty of the Fenner product range is that it’s very versatile, which allows us to go to the market with an extensive range of v-belts, pulleys, sprockets, chains, couplings & taper bushes suited to each application."
Mr. Ralph Campagna
CBC Australia's State Manager & a specialist in drive systems
(December 15, 2020, click here to read full article)
“We are proud to have an association with such a reputed name in the mechanical power transmission industry. For many years, the Fenner name has been associated with the FPT Quality Assurance Initiative which forms the foundation on which our complete power transmission range is constructed” 
Mr. Steve Hittman
CBC's National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems & Belt Drives
(December 15, 2020, click here to read full article)